Letting A Mind Run to “Waist” — So to Speak

Contrary to how the social media generation may view the world, Shayla’s first movies were not in fact cave drawings. That said, she did become “Starlet of the Year” back when most of the productions actually had acting in them — and not merely of the exaggerated moans and groans variety. If your tastes run to Quality with your Quantity, if Personality matters as much as Pudendum, you have found a wonderful place to visit, for a short time or a long one. Sometimes size does matter, as it turns out.


Exclusive Videos

Over the years Shayla has created an impressive archive of personal videos only available in her members’ area. Catch (and comment on) all her experiences in moving pictures.


Exclusive Photos

Shayla has been shooting exclusive content for her web site since before she knew that she would ever be able to share the photos that way. She has thousands (and thousands) of them.


Adventurous Friends

Shayla has been around the Risque Commune since long before there was even such a thing. She shares mementos from the entire journey.


Life with Shayla

If you want to truly experience life as an adult star, hitch a ride on the Shaylamobile. Experience life with all its ups and downs — and in-and-outs of course.

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Completely Unlike Any Membership Site You Have Ever Seen

Let’s face it: If discovering … um … inspirational videos for a bit of “personal expression” happens to be your only goal for visiting an adult site, then you can find all the variety you may enjoy for free these days. If you enjoy your entertainment significantly less generic, then consider Shayla LaVeaux and her family — and life — in the business.

  • Entirely directed by Shayla herself.
  • Entirely devoted to her entire life and career.
  • Entirely focused on honesty and fun.
  • Occasionally slightly odd.

Exclusive Videos
Exclusive Photos
Adventurous Friends
Authentic Shayla LaVeaux

The Entire Shayla Herstory

Shayla has had dedicated folks following her around the world and documenting her experiences for her entire career. Finally technology has improved to the point where she can share those moments with everyone.

From Personal

From bopping around the mountains outside of her home in Denver to traveling the world, enjoy the moments with Shayla.

To Professional

Of course beautiful women tend to hang out with other beautiful people, so Shayla figured we should include those too. What a giver …

To Perspicacious

Shayla has learned a great many things about human sexuality after 20+ years in the adult industry, and she loves sharing those lessons with people.

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Note of Clarification

For the record, it turned out to be remarkably difficult to gather a video cross-section which could adequately display the wide variety that Shayla puts together for her site. Come to find out, Shayla hardly ever wears clothes once the little red light starts blinking on the camera. Go figure.


You Might as well Enjoy Life


Do not be confused: We have a lot of fun in this life with Shayla, and we work hard — as it were — to share it with you.

SHAYLA ... On Her First Performance

I remember my first trip to Los Angeles with my friend Alexis DeVell. I was supposed to be in one movie and star in another, but my acting was so bad, and I was so nervous that they had to replace me in the lead role they had scheduled. I could have been discouraged, but let’s face it, orgasms can cure a lot of discomfort.

SHAYLA ... On Having an Audience

Doing a masturbation scene on camera turned out to be the most difficult sexual experience I had to learn. Who would have thought?

SHAYLA ... On Bisexuality

A lot of women get into porn just for the experience of having sex with other women. It turns out we’re just as afraid of rejection out in the “real world” as men are. Imagine.

SHAYLA ... On Having an Audience

After traveling all over the world because of this job, I can tell you with complete honesty that even though it has been a wild and excellent ride, nothing really compares to coming home, sitting on your own couch, and petting your dog.

The New Shayla.com

Where “Getting Off” Only Begins the Journey

Story Time

Shayla has selected actual samples from her Members’ area to publish out here in the tour. We “limit” the sorts of images she makes available for free, but you should be able to get a keen understanding of the variety of “entries” in Shayla’s life be clicking on a few of them. What more can one ask than keen understanding after all?


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In The Moods

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Phoenix Rising

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Just Desserts

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Debating Masterfully

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Shower with Presence

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Adult Friends

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Dance Therapy

The secret to life? Dance like nobody’s watching.

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The Matriarch

Love doesn’t count unless you tell people about it.

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Tropical Drinks

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