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Shooting for Her Site

Shayla has been shooting specifically for her site for years and years now, so she has compiled a wide variety of “nuance” over that time. While very, very few women can look at a camera and talk dirty the way Shayla can, she also makes a habit of fulfilling at least one fan request every time we shoot.

Honestly, were it not for that devotion, we would probably never have figured out how to shoot a masturbation scene in a closet, but it turned out to be quite fun.

If you’re here you probably already know this, but Shayla places a lot of value in pure fun. She has also always placed emphasis on the educational aspects of working in this industry, so you will see more than a few conversations — more than interviews, per se — containing frank discussions of some sexuality aspect. A few of these may have taken place on a set designed around the concept, such as the one here with Erica McLean, but the vast majority tend to be Shayla just “being Shayla” with friends.

No one ever said it had to be painful to learn.