Risqué Commune

Risque Commune | Dee

The unofficial “Mama Bear” of the risqué crew, Dee came to us later in her career, but to this day remains a critical part of the family. No longer performing on camera, Dee continues to keep up with members via our private Message Board and fills in wherever she can with comments, creative work, or simply beautiful nudity. Never underestimate the value of that last little item.

Risque Commune | Kristal Summers

Intensely shy and lacking in confidence due to — quite frankly — truly horrible taste in men, Kristal evolved into one of the top performers in the risqué family. Moderately successful in the early parts of her career, once the MILF craze hit, Kristal rocketed to the top of the performer demand list across the industry. Of course being built like a Barbie Doll helps with that.

Risque Commune | Cytherea

No one can really match Cytherea for pure sweetness — or pure liquidity, for that matter. Having somehow survived her initial drug-addled (her description) through the business, Cytherea hit us up for her second go-round, both because we’re notoriously clean, and equally successful. No matter how things turn out, it has been a thrilling — and well-lubricated — ride.

Risque Commune | Kylie Ireland

Setting the standard for devotion to her craft, Kylie also began with “Starlet of the Year” recognition before moving up through the ranks serving as everything thing from star to super-star, from publicist to art director. Kylie’s stint with risqu&eacute management was all too short, but her online home here remains a fan favorite.

Risque Commune | Ginger Lynn

A relatively unspoken truth about actresses exists which tells us that simple longevity works to establish some level of “superstardom” within the industry. You see a lot of stars in any given time period, and superstars will likely sprinkle the setting as well. Heck, we’ve had a handful of Legends in our group over the years, but you only meet ICONS very rarely. Ginger Lynn would be that.

Risque Commune | Juli Ashton

Long since retired and absurdly happy in motherhood and real life, Juli Ashton lived a career in adult equaled only by very few in history. Juli reached a lot of goals and opened a whole lot of doors that had previously never been options for explicit performers. Because of that — and because Juli happens to be an extraordinary person — we continue to celebrate her in the risque commune.

Risque Commune | 247AdultStars

Everybody loves a good European import, particularly when they arrive in full sexual splendor. Granted, these stunning women shot by risque compatriots in the U.K. fall more into the “enjoy” category rather than the “keep” category, but we also don’t owe a tariff. So there’s that.

Risque Commune | Risque

Originally the preeminent talent management organization in the industry, the planning and marketing evolved Risque into an extraordinarily unique internet presence. Literally without imitation in the adult web site arena, the question remains as to whether this would be because no one can imitate the effort, or just simply no one wants to.

Risque Commune | ReelRisque

Dedicated to the concept of Erotic Art, ReelRisque provides an outlet for talented people within the industry to show off their work in video processing and photography. While you might expect various crew people to show up in this arena, you might be surprised at what on-camera people can do with camera.

Bear in mind: Shayla can also show up pretty much anywhere in the Risque Commune.

Shayla likes to be “bare” after all.

Shayla’s Even Mobile Friendly … Because Friendly is Good