Shayla LaVeaux | Sample Article #1


by Felecia Goldstone

So imagine Shayla LaVeaux walks up to you, shows you a picture, and says, “Would you like to have sex with my friend and me on camera?” [I was with them right up until the camera part.]

The Friend

Phoenix Ray

Well that seems to be the basic premise behind Shayla’s entire Fan Sexxx series — a collection the geeks promise us will be back online in the new catalogue soon. [One of those geeks happens to be providing the editorial component on this story, and he can tell you that taunting a person who will be going over your writing before it goes live might be a bit like irritating someone in a restaurant that will see your food before you do. … Y’know, in case the newbies could benefit from a little wisdom in these circumstances.] Since I’m new here I get to talk about anything, and I have to tell you … I LOVE THIS CONCEPT.

Sympathetic Shayla LaVeauxI understand that the “Fan Sexxx” concept actually began with the same director but another star. Bad breakup. Hurt feelings. … Don’t really care. [As you can see, we strive to only hire the most caring and empathetic of individuals.]

What really caught my attention was that in researching the older parts of the risque site I found something called “Dream Date” which clearly provided Shayla her early training in this concept. [Hmm. She means earlier parts of the risque site, not older parts. We need to have another meeting, perhaps one with less beer.] If you’re not familiar with the story, basically this fan wrote to Juli Ashton and in the PS of his letter mentioned an upcoming soirée at his fraternity and then “sort-of-not-exactly” asked Juli to be his date. The boss man did some thinking and finagling, with the upshot being that Juli called the guy up, said she’d love to go, and then asked, “Can you find a date for my friend Shayla LaVeaux?”

You just can’t make this stuff up. [Well, you could, but it would be really easy to disprove, and as a rule those kinds of things make for really lousy lies.]

DREAM DATE Post Script

My fraternity is having our Spring formal this year in one of the most beautiful Southern cities, Charleston, SC, and I haven’t yet asked anyone. If you want to try to save yourself the trouble of writing me back and just show me in person how you would suggest I go about doing those things I asked, I mean that’s fine with me!

FULL STORY Link Here for Members, BTW

I have yet to watch all of the Fan Sexxx shows we have in the warehouse, but definitely look forward to it. Honestly, I don’t think I even care too much about the varying quality — as the geeks here define it — so long as the people seem as though they’re having a good time. [Quality doesn’t count? … OK. Now we really need another meeting.] Combining professional expertise with amateur enthusiasm just seems really inspired.

Shayla LaVeaux and Juli Ashton on Dream DateShayla LaVeaux and Juli Ashton on Dream DateShayla LaVeaux and Juli Ashton on Dream DateShayla LaVeaux and Juli Ashton on Dream DateShayla LaVeaux and Juli Ashton on Dream Date

Just look at the boy blushing in these photos. [We made a slight adjustment on the photos in the story for the free side. Once Shayla and Phoenix got after the boy, nobody had any clothes on, so we substituted photos from the original “Dream Date” with Juli Ashton. You still get the point, however — blushing boys, barely hiding feelings of complete disbelief.] Of course it’s easy to talk a big game from the safety of my anonymous little office. If Shayla and Phoenix showed up at my house, I’d probably put a burn mark on the door just looking through the peep-hole.

[For the record, I do understand what great fun people have coming up with the titles for these updates, and I would never want to discourage the irreverent use of 1980’s movie title puns. That said, technically the male involved here does indeed possess a “cue” — one of which the ladies make some significant use. Perhaps a better title would have been Taking Your Cue. Not as funny, perhaps, but more on point. … Writing for the risqué commune sites can be quite enjoyable, provided one has interest enough in the topic. The real fun here, however, comes when given editor tools.]

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