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Dancing at the Booby Trap

by Shayla

shayla imageThis is one of many clubs where I’ve featured in Florida. I think they have more clubs than any other place, besides Las Vegas. [I’ve been a great many places in the world, and with all due apologies to New York as well, Florida has to be the strip club capital of the world. I’m pretty sure there are some places where when you open the door to enter one strip club, you hit the door of a different strip club. … Must be something in all that heat and humidity that make the local women want to take their clothes off. Either that or strip clubs seem like an excellent place to hide from alligators. That could be it.] As a feature you never know what you’re walking into until you get there, which can add a bit of excitement to things. The main necessities, which were in our contracts, were a nice hotel and our own dressing room. … Now the hotel was a no brainer, but the dressing room was a matter of opinion. [Dance contracts usually use language like “Hotel with room service and interior hallways” to define “nice” if you can believe that. Odd as it may sound, though, some places you visit don’t have any hotels in town that have room service. They generally brag about being right next door to Denny’s in those cases. The dressing room description usually comes down to a single word — private — whatever the heck that means.] I have been in bathrooms, managers’ offices (Poor guys. Seriously.), liquor rooms, and various run-down trailers. No matter what, I usually could find something good about a club, whether it be the staff, hot / sweet girls, a gorgeous club, food, fans, etc. [Traveling with a Feature Dancer can be culturally fascinating. Also, you learn that customers in strip clubs should never, ever — ever — hear what the dancers say about them back in the dressing room.]

shayla imageThe Booby Trap is a unique place all its own. For starters the features had a trailer out back, meaning you had to walk through the elements, over the cats, while in your costume just to get to the building! [Cats? What, they don’t have enough pussy already? (Sorry. That was for D.Minion, the resident cat-lover.)] Once you finally made it inside, another adventure awaited you — the kitchen. Once you maneuvered your way through there, you had finally made it to the club floor. [Just to be clear, we can assume that none of the cats were hanging around in the kitchen. That may not be true, but we’ll all feel much better if that’s how we imagine it.] With its low ceilings and small floor plan this was one of the smaller / lower end clubs I’ve been to, but it’s one of those places where everyone knows one another and it’s super comfortable and tons of fun! [Think Cheers before all the starring actors got rich and obnoxious.]

I think I had been to this club at least four times through the years and nothing has ever changed other than a few more cats to add to the already huge population on the property. [We’ve probably editorialized enough on this topic, so I intend to limit this one to one further pithy observation: EEEWW!] On this particular booking I had a photographer (Bernie) approach me about doing some photos. Being the ham that I am, I agreed. So he shot a variety of my shows and various pics like these. [Bernie used to work here, back when we were “Adult Diary” as you (very) old-timers will recall. You can see his wife in the background of many of these pictures too. She’s the woman with red hair in the background flirting with the dancers and being otherwise supportive in these first shots. A truly dedicated professional, that Deb. … Isn’t it funny how you never realize how much you miss people until you see some old pictures of them? Bernie and Deb were great to have around and brought a lot of enjoyment to our little group for the short time they were around. Also, they did not own any cats.] We ended getting along so well that Deb (roadie) and I decided to stay a few more days so that we could shoot some more stuff with him. After all it was content for! We ended up shooting some pics on the beach and I also did a b/g scene (vid and photo) with a very nice friend of Bernie’s…. Hmmmm, come to think of it I’ll have to track down that shoot. All and all it was a fantastic trip, full of adventures!!! [Oops. Maybe it was a different Bernie. There are two of them? … How can that be? Deb must have been thrilled.]

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I hope you all have a wonderful and safe 4th of July. Take a moment to reflect on what it means to live in the USA, and the sacrifices that were — and are — made so that we could live in a free country!!!! [Yeah. I looked it up: Apparently it’s still legal for people to have cats as pets. Freedom could potentially have its down side.]

We are what we repeatedly do! Excellence therefore is not an act, but a habit!!! — Aristotle

Live — Laugh and Love— Shayla

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