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Tropical “Tails”

by Shayla

Well this was quite a memorable afternoon! It all started on a Jim Holliday set, way back in 1992.

Fascinating Jim Holliday Aside

[Actually Jim paged me with a “911” call back around that time. For all you whippersnappers around here, cell phones were pretty rare back then, and even if you had one, the reception was pretty lousy during a Los Angeles “Rush Hour” in any case. After finally getting off the 405, driving 20 minutes back to a gas station in Westwood with a phone booth – yes they even had those way back when – and sweating to death because of the weather and the urgency of the page, I finally got Jim on the phone. The dear man began his conversation with, “Back in 1972 … “ Whereupon I interrupted – immediately and quite loudly as I recall. “Jim!” I explained, “NINE ONE ONE does NOT begin with ’Back in 1972’… !” Then I hung up the phone, got back into the truck and put us back in line to head up the 405 freeway once again. He was an interesting and fun guy, that Jim, but come to think of it, I’m not 100% sure I ever did find out what was so important that afternoon. Some people just think that whatever crosses their mind at a particular moment in time immediately becomes critical to share with others, perhaps. Y’all can decide whether or not cell phones have helped or hindered that little personality quirk. … There’s a whole book in the Jim Holliday story somewhere.]

Shayla in WaterThe first time I had the pleasure of meeting Selena Steele was on Sorority Sex Kittens 1.[Now this happened to be one of the truly excellent things about Jim: He had a habit of putting together 20+ women for lesbian orgies. You just have to respect a fellow like that.] It was the first Jim Holliday movie I had ever performed in. Heck, it was probably only the third or fourth movie I had ever been in. These were the days of Ashlyn Gere, Victoria Paris, Nina Hartley and Selena Steele. [Yet these are the days today: Consider this another warning about an apparent infection of “Shush Dudes” on the photographs from one of Shayla’s days. No wonder she loved this day: Nobody wore any clothes.…]

We (Alexis DeVell and I) were hanging out on set waiting for our scenes to come up. What better way to pass the time than to watch a live sex scene being shot with three boys (Peter North, Tony Martino, TT Boy) and one girl (Selena Steele). [Honestly more than a few female porn stars would prefer to watch that scene without Selena being a part of it, but we’ll just gloss right over that particular fact. … Hey, when you have sex for a living, a whole bunch of “unusual” things end up turning you on. That shouldn’t come as a surprise.] I will never forget the raw sexual energy I witnessed that day. Selena had a new admirer!!!! It wasn’t until years later that I would have the pleasure of working with her.

Jim and I talked all the time and he knew how much I liked Selena!! So when he got the call that she was coming back from retirement, a G/G scene was scheduled for Selena and me. I was so excited and nervous!!!! [You might also be surprised at the number of women that have sex for a living that won’t just call up another woman and say, “Hey, you wanna come over and fuck?” … They literally beg for producers to put them in scenes with people they want to have sex with. It’s strange. But it’s also pretty nice when beautiful women beg you for something. There are worse days in life than that.]

The day finally arrived, and in Jimmy’s true form he made a big deal out of introducing us and orchestrating our sex scene. There was one hang-up. Selena was healing from back surgery so I would have to be very careful!! Not what I had fantasized about, but I was happy to make her as comfortable as possible … on her back with me between her legs, Yummy!!!! [Aw. That Shayla’s a trooper, isn’t she? Of course she probably didn’t just say, “Hey, we’ll take it easy in this scene, and then you can call me when your back feels better, OK?” (And if that did happen, we’ll be looking for those pictures right away.)]

Felecia was on this set, too. (Sorority Sex Kittens 6) So all of this led in to a great friendship between Selena, Felecia and me.[You’ll notice a fourth woman in these photos, and Shayla’s just about to get to that part (or “those parts” – as it were), but we thought a little visual appetizer might be in order.]

Shayla and FriendsShayla and FriendsShayla and Friends

A year or so later, Selena’s friend Janie (who was/is a web model), was looking for girls to trade content with. Felecia and I jumped at the chance!!!! [See?! You don’t even have to pay them necessarily. You just have to set up the sex scenes for them. Now you can see why being a webmaster can be such fun, right?] The shoot took place at Janie’s house in Orange County. The backyard was a tropical paradise!!! Selena brought in all of the fruit, and did set design on one of the pool’s landings. It was so beautiful!!

We all rotated through makeup and did some individual shots, and then it was time for the much anticipated group scene! Yahoo!!!![Indeed.] It doesn’t get much better than this. Hot girls, oiled up and wet, a beautiful sunny day in Southern California, and enough toys to play with until sunset. … I never thought I would be here, way back in ‘92!!!!! [Yeah, well, think about this everyone: Some of the women making porn movies now are too young to remember Ronald Reagan as a President. Some barely even remember Bill Clinton. I’m pretty sure I really do have shirts older than some of these ladies, and I’m definitely sure I’m going to stop now. … ]

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