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[We need just a tad of an introduction here on the “Sample Side” of the world. Shayla really wanted to use this story as one of the examples on her tour, but because the specific photos tied to the article in precise ways, we could not — as would be our usual “free side” custom — simply swap out one naked picture for a different clothed one. Consequently, it may look like someone attacked your screen with a shotgun full of Shayla “Shush Dudes” at times. At the risk of stating the obvious, you will not find any Shush Dudes in the Members’ area.]

In the Moods

by Sister Andrew

Shayla shows up. Shayla smiles a lot and hugs everyone. Shayla gets naked whenever the mood suits her, and this happens to be one of her favorite moods. Shayla makes everybody happy.

That pretty much sums up “content visits” with our lovely Ms. LaVeaux. [You know, that’s really pretty accurate, odd as that may be to believe.]

We’ve worked with literally hundreds of stars over the years — with all sorts of variations in accuracy on that “star” delineation, truth be told. Strangely, more than a few of these women and men seem to have fallen victim to the traditional actor pitfall of being more a Legend in Their Own Minds than a legend of the more general variety. Still, this can make dealing with this particular cross-section fun in its own right. True, one tends to do more of the laughing at rather than the laughing with in these situations, but that doesn’t ultimately hinder the fun factor. [To be clear, we always laugh at with the “stars” in the room, so we’re not being mean or anything. If the “star” may not catch the nuance, well, we can’t accept responsibility for that, now can we?] Bottom line, so to speak, we work with a bunch of beautiful people that have very liberal sexual attitudes, so how bad can it really get?

Of course just like everyone, Shayla can have her moods, but they do tend to be rather different than the ones most of us can pull off with any measure of success. [Hell, most of us can’t even sit in a chair this way.]

moods of shayla

  • closer 1
  • closer 2
  • closer 3
  • closer 4
  • closer 5

To be fair, Shayla does occasionally share the same moods as the rest of us: When she has to pee, she bounces around from one foot to the other; when she’s really hungry, you don’t want to really get between her and food, and when she’s sick, she does get all weepy and tired. But those things happen so rarely that you’d have a hard time even calling to mind the last time you remember one of them. … [Regardless, when they happen, Shayla even does all of these things in a beautiful and compelling way. It hardly seems fair, quite honestly.]

She just seems all cuddly, does she not? [Well, that word would be in the list, just probably not first.]

Shayla CozyShayla Cozy

And she has all the characteristics of a perfect woman. [For years when Shayla would ask me what to wear, I’d say, “I don’t know. How about a little flowerdy dress?” Now I can add to that suggestion: “How about a little ‘flowerdy’ dress or a flowerdy nightie?”

Shayla MoodsShayla MoodsShayla Moods

  • Happy
  • Sexy
  • Dirty

Not to confuse anyone, however, Shayla does have some depth to her persona, not the least of which involves a distinctly playful nature. Just when you think you have all of her expressions figured out [or when she gets bored], she may just drop some fun on you.



And then of course we have …



All surrounded by what we wanted to call “Geeky” while Shayla preferred …



Actually, though, we did not set out to do a simple Golly ain’t Shayla cool? piece. Mostly we promised Mr. King that we would give him due credit for the photography [etc.] skills demonstrated even when Chantelle was not in front of the camera last January. It seems that the Reel Risqué section has tweaked his professional competitive juices. We thank him as usual for the contribution. [When I first saw the set on the monitors here, I said, “Gosh. Can’t tell Chris King shot those pictures, can you?”]

All skill aside, though. How bad of an output can it be when Shayla’s the subject. [If you really want to know, ask eno. He surely has a list somewhere of people that should never be allowed to shoot Shayla again. He’s handy that way.]

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