Shayla LaVeaux | Shayla LaVeaux | Sample Article #3
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Shayla LaVeaux | Sample Article #3

Mmm is for Mischievous

by Cog Nee Zant

Shooting “scenes” — as compared to shooting movies, for example — can be a very different experience. And that’s just over here where people speak English correctly. None of us here today has ever been to a shoot in the U.K., so we have no idea what it’s like over there, but presumably it’s always weird. [Indeed. Who wants to have warm beer and blood sausage before getting nasty? Bleh.] So for our purposes today, we will deal only with the “U.S.’ — as in US — viewpoint.

This becomes important, you see, because this “scene” shoot happened to include both our lovely veteran Shayla in addition to an also lovely [and equally wacky, as it turned out] visitor from England. Unless you have only been a member of any of the Risqué Commune sites for about ten seconds, you have undoubtedly heard about Chantelle Fox by now. We can give you a quick recap quite simply: Shayla and Chantelle immediately liked each other. [A lot.] Our buddy and photographer extraordinaire Chris King happened to be hanging with us at the first of the week for the AEE, and his artsy brain kicked into gear. He decided that he really needed to bring some male talent into this budding friendship, and wouldn’t you know it, the ladies heartily agreed. [If you’re catching up, we should also probably note that Chris also liked Chantelle. A lot. …]

Chantelle Fox & Shayla LaVeaux

As you can see from the very subtle picture, the producer/photographer on this day had some very specific ideas in mind for this fine morning in January, and everyone present in that little room knew exactly what the plan was. Now the folks over at “247AS” [247AdultStars if you happen to be new here] have been doing a bang-up job crunching together all of the Chantelle Experience over the summer, so we see no reason to duplicate that effort. Consequently we focus — as did Chris King on this day — just on a couple of hours in his room. [For the record, a “bang-up job crunching” has nothing whatsoever to do with “bangers and mash” although both can be excellent.]

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