Shayla LaVeaux | Sample Article #4

The Benefit of Studs

by Shayla

[As mentioned in the intro we love excuses to call Shayla on the phone, but alas, we got voice mail this time, so we had to settle for email. We don’t often get the quiet, pensive — almost lonely — Shayla in photographs, so we had all sorts of ideas about how these came about. When Shayla sent the boss an email and we heard the real story, we learned something. … Yeah, well, we were all wrong.]

When I moved back to Colorado, I had a civilian girlfriend that was going through a divorce and just not feeling great about herself. At that time I needed some new promo shots, so we flew one of my photographer friends out to do a 2-day shoot with us. We had several great locations, a friend’s house in the country, a really nice condo and Red Rocks. These are some of the pics that we shot over those 2 days. I remember feeling very peaceful with my healing friend.

By the way, the leather and rhinestone outfit is a part of my 80’s rock feature dance set, which reminds me: Ginger has been after me to set up an auction site to get rid of some of my old costumes (and general wardrobe overflow), but everyone here has first shot. If you see anything on that you are interested in buying, please feel free to email me directly at via the risque contact page. I can’t possibly respond to everyone, but I do read every single thing myself. That counts for something, right?

Live Laugh Love

[We should mention that we can take no credit for the excellent sepia-tone work on these photos, as they arrived this way from Shayla’s photographer friend. Despite the popular cries of “Color Über Alles!” the skilled and careful application of the monochromatic adds a powerful mood to what could be ordinary images (well, as “ordinary” as photos can be with Shayla in them, naturally).]

[We should also mention that we hated to just have Shayla all sepia-toned today, so we imposed upon the video folks to salvage a bit of BTS from an upcoming post. Our reasoning seemed sound, because regardless of the technical merits (or lack thereof) in the footage, you sort of need to include anything that starts with “Simon Says, ‘Nicely Done!’” and includes, “yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes” in the analysis. Right?]

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