Shayla LaVeaux | Sample Article #5

Phoenix Rising

by Shayla

Shayla LaVeauxWell after looking at these pictures I’m thinking of working on my tan lines again (maybe?) What do y’all think? [Tan lines show off the “private” parts so they have that naughty aspect to them. On the other hand, doctors claim tanning is bad for us. … Now my personal philosophy has always been to do way too much fun stuff to ever worry about being killed by some little tan line, but that might be just me.]

We loved the gold top so much we decided to use it a couple of times as I recall… We did call it Pure Gold Pussy, after all.  Technically I think the top still belonged to the director and creator of FS [Fan Sexxx] – Jon Yuma – although I think he ended up giving it to me since I liked it so much. Thanks Jon!! [Yeah, none of us has ever met the person that can say “No” to Shayla. We’re pretty sure they don’t exist on the planet earth.]


[At this point in the Members’ update, Shayla has a wonderful set of beautiful pictures showing off — as one might expect — tan lines. As you might be able to tell from the subtly censored image at the top, on this day Shayla wore a set of earrings, a shiny gold sparkly top — not tied, so serving more as a fancy necklace, and a pair of matching gold high heels. While this worked wonderfully for her Members, it left “butt” little for us to work with on the new tour. Consequently, we decided to just try and convince you that what appear to be tan lines in this photograph are actually a bikini made of remarkably realistic material. … That’s our story, and we’re stickin’ to it. … With that said, we continue…]

The history of the lovely Phoenix still holds a warm place in my heart. John had shot Phoenix quite a few times over the years for various projects, and once I met her we hit it off immediately. [Yeah, that happens a lot with her.] She’s hot, sweet and down to earth … my kind of girl!! She traveled to New Zealand with a BIG group of us for a convention and shoots, and that’s where our admiration society began. We even shot Phoenix in Phoenix (AZ), but the list goes on. These days we don’t shoot every time we get together, but somehow I’m ok with that. [Why are we not surprised?]

Sadly, after looking again at this clip, I’m not even sure where I was when they were shooting this particular scene. … Maybe I was dancing somewhere … collecting application for our next FS shoot … something that kept me from where I should have been obviously. [Obviously.]

I never get tired of looking at this beautiful and intriguing woman, even after all of the time we’ve known each other. Gorgeous natural breasts, long legs and just an eroticism that turns me on every time I see her — and even when I don’t. I especially love to watch her wrap her lips around a hard cock or look into her eyes when she’s tasting my dripping wet pussy. Sigh!! We’ll get to that scene at another time. [Well, take a camera with you, will ya? … Throw us a bone here … ]

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