Shayla LaVeaux | Sample Article #6

Shayla with a View

by D.Minion

shaylaThe temperature was well into the hundreds when we braved the Mojave Desert to photograph the prettiest little filly west (and east) of the Mississippi, Shayla LaVeaux! A friend’s land vaguely near Las Vegas was the setting, and Shayla had brought along an outfit Annie Oakley would have been embarrassed to wear even under her buckskins! [Technically the outfit was “buckskin,” although more likely it came from cow. That said, when Shayla gets naked outside it does become rather difficult to think “technically” much at all.] (Shayla changed in the car, because even in Vegas, these clothes would have caused a riot if she wore them to walk through the hotel lobby!) [Yeah, should she have absolutely needed to wear them leaving the casino, running seems like it might have been more appropriate under the circumstances.]

A two-hour ride, with Shayla and me in the back seat, gave us plenty of time for sexy snuggling. (OK, we just talked, but I can dream, can’t I? Check out the way Ms. LaVeaux eats her healthy snack! Do you blame me?) [Unfortunately we did not receive detailed instructions regarding the posting on the photos that accompany this entry into Shayla’s life, so we cannot be certain to what precisely D.Minion refers in this instance. We do recall another “banana adventure” in the set somewhere that will likely intrigue male viewers at least.]

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Finally at our destination, Über Photographer Chris King and Shayla blazed a trail to the perfect “set.” It was almost a natural stage, with brush, cactus, and sand forming an organic arena. Ancient petroglyphs on the rocks added just the right backdrop to the scene that was about to begin. [Most likely you will need to view these photos at least a couple of times before you even notice the scenery other than Shayla. The boss went on this excursion, and when we were working on the photos in the office last week, he walked by and said, “There were rocks out there? Hmm. Who knew?”]

Shayla began her “burlesque” show by dropping her top, and teasing the photographer. [At least.] The scorching temperatures plus the hot model had Chris King sweating through his clothes! Then off came the tiny leather skirt, which Shayla used as a covering on a flat rock. It wasn’t incredibly comfortable, but all the sexy modeling she’d been doing made her long to masturbate, so the rock would have to do! [Also, someone probably asked her to. We’re like that, you know.]

shaylaCameras rolled as Ms. LaVeaux stroked herself, and then added fingers to her enjoyment. I know the heat index rose by at least 10 degrees as Shayla, Chris, Lucky, and I perspired in the incredible heat of the moment! Whew! That was amazing! [Not to hit to whole “Damn that looks hot!” concept too hard, but you may notice a sort of blurry area in the middles of some of D.Minion’s photographs this time around. In case you’ve no experience with this phenomenon personally, we can explain: That would be sweat on the lens.]

After she felt satiated, and, um … “glowing” … Shayla needed to use Lucky’s shirt to wipe the sweat off her moist body. (Hmmm. I wonder if that’s what Belle Star did in the Old West?) A bottle of water cooled Shayla off a bit, and then she was raring for her next erotic adventure in the Nevada desert. … [Just to be clear, the caption in the photo did in fact come from the dude in charge. Apparently you get jaded when you get older.]

Shayla LaVeaux ViewShayla LaVeaux ViewShayla LaVeaux ViewShayla LaVeaux ViewShayla LaVeaux ViewShayla LaVeaux ViewShayla LaVeaux ViewShayla LaVeaux ViewShayla LaVeaux ViewShayla LaVeaux View

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