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Solo One

by Shayla

Shayla LaVeaux Solo[We have a handful of talented writers that come to work here every morning, and they can pontificate on a wide variety of topics. Not one of them, however, has ever masturbated on camera. Consequently Shayla herself decided to provide the insights today, a situation for which we are always grateful. Even after having known a person for nearly two decades, you’d be amazed what you never knew about a friend’s thoughts and memories.]

One of my earlier scenes in the biz was a masturbation scene on a raised swinging bed, for the movie (I think it was called Carnal Obsession.) I had never really done this before in front of another person — let alone a crew. I remember feeling excited and intimidated at the same time. To get myself in the right place mentally, I thought of the viewer watching as well as the crew surrounding me. Amazingly, I found myself in a place in my mind that I had never been before, imagining all of them getting aroused, watching me — cumming with me. … I was a bit surprised to find that I loved it!!! For me the biggest turn on has to be exuding sexual energy through the lens to the viewer on the other side. I want them to feel what I am, as if they’re right there with me. So if you really want to know, that’s where I go when I film. It’s just me and a camera lens — imagining what YOU are doing at that moment.

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I’ve been doing quite a few masturbation clips for lately too, and I can’t say it’s exactly the same sort of feeling. … When the people behind the camera are your really good friends that adds a whole other element to things. … Awkward!!! … So we decided it would be best to leave the camera and I alone for awhile. So it’s just me and you!!!


… Oh, btw, my very first AVN Awards nomination turned out to be for this scene as “Best Tease Performance.”

[As seems fitting, we chose photos and video today from Erica McLean’s Mastering Masturbation, a title eventually distributed by Cal Vista as Flying Solo. We all tend to live in our own little worlds in life, and times such as these always point out that no matter how small the adult industry as a whole happens to be, distinct sub-regions still exist within it. For example, Cal Vista apparently never realized that Flying Solo just happens to be the title of one of the most popular gay releases of all time. Hmm. Go figure. … We have made your search for the “proper” version a bit easier for you, although clearly we should have purchased more of the release copies for our own stores when the movie came out. It’s not exactly easy to find these days. … Every day, DVD disappears more and more, folks. Get ready. … ]

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