Shayla LaVeaux | Sample Article #8

Shayla Showers

by D.Minion

If you listen closely at the beginning of this video, you can hear me saying that I believe all bodily fluids should stay inside the body. I feel much the same about body hair. I have little use for it unless it’s on the head, eyebrows, or eyelashes. Just keep it all away from me! I think maybe that’s why I have such a shaving fetish! [D.Minion claims to shave her entire body, but we have yet to see photographic proof of this assertion. That said, sometimes friends should have some boundaries we have learned.]

I also love taking pictures of my beautiful porn star friends, so a showering, shaving, solo scene with Shayla LaVeaux sounded like Heaven to me! Video cams were set on the towel bar and the shower rod, and I basically had Shayla to myself as she shaved her beautiful, long legs, her luscious pussy, and even her perfect, pink, posterior! Mmmm! [The boss pulled his “top three” photos and sent them in separately. Aside from showing off the predictably stellar Shayla in the Shower we can also say that while a 5’2" person may not qualify as one having “long legs” necessarily, we can all certainly see that Shayla does not let them get in the way of her personal grooming procedure. Oh, and the final pic here hides a D.Minion visible in the reflection of the shower glass. We had to tell you that because you might not have been able to see the advanced Photoshop work on your own.]

shayla  image shayla  image shayla  image

I was too shy to jump in, but appreciated all of Shayla’s teasing – pressing her tatas and her tushy up against the glass so I could watch! Did I mention, “Mmmm?” And can you believe Shayla’s limberness? She can stand on one leg and throw the other one over her own shoulder while holding a sharp razor to her whoo-whoo! Dang! [See above, in case you habitually skip the purple comments here. … Wait! That would mean you’re not reading this, so, um … never mind.]

Lucky jumped in with the CyCAM to record the sensational solo, (Who knew it could be used for regular shower water and not just Cytherea’s squirt?!) while I just kept snapping photos and imagining I was in there with Ms. LaVeaux! [Sounds sort of wet and potentially sticky, which sounds sort of ok, right?]

Towards the end of the scene, Lucky handed the CyCAM to Shayla and asked her to film the water shooting out of the shower head. Although she tried to comply, it was difficult to put the “Don’t ever get a camera wet!” rule out of her head! Only when we insisted that the camera was COMPLETELY waterproof could she completely drench it in the torrent of water! [That bit ended up explained somewhat (if you can follow the dialogue in the noisy bathroom) at the conclusion of this BTS Video edited by Maverick. The full “into the water” part of the shot opens the part two “Shower Solo” part of the much more official “Shower CAM Video” segment Shayla posted a couple of weeks ago. Also, now seems like a fine time to throw in the first few “Shayla in Malibu” pics, just to be sure you want to spend your time on the 50 more Malibu Marvels on the two picture pages in this post. We hate for anyone to waste time, of course. Worse yet, we hate to waste three Shayla pictures that did not “fit” the layout.]

shayla  image shayla  image shayla  image

As you can see, Shayla left a very attractively trimmed “heart” of pussy hair when she was finished shaving. And now that I think of it, I always enjoy Cytherea’s sweet squirts. … So maybe I enjoy body hair and body fluids more than I thought I did. I guess I’ll have to do a bit more research. … [Suffice it to say that most of us do not have one “all nudity and/or fluids fit into this one category of acceptability” standard. DM can be a little too binary at times. … When she saw these pictures of Shayla on a secluded part of Malibu Beach, she worried about “the authorities” catching Shayla, for example. The rest of us pretty much figured the authorities were standing just out of frame applauding.]

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