Shayla LaVeaux | Sample Article #9

Friends in Faux Places

by Barth Rivers

shayla  imageA lot of this lifestyle comes down to accepting that things for us just won’t usually be the same as things for other people. Conventions seem more like parties to a great extent, while visiting a junk yard, apparently, means you have a unique opportunity to masturbate in anticipation of lesbian sex later on in the day. We live in a different world, at least according to people we meet that live outside the porn industry. Regardless of on which side of the naked fence you happen to sit, though, we’re thinking your position will likely still come down to enjoyment as you look at Shayla and her buddies (many of whom we can still name, imagine that) on the Erotica Los Angeles convention floor. [That’s Shayla with Mika Tan and Nina Hartley in this first shot, but you probably knew that too.]

shayla  imageYou probably recognized Julia Ann here as well, at least if you’ve been roaming around the risqué sites for any length of time, and we know that’s Jill Kelly in the last shot on the photo page. None of us here can name the heavily tattooed woman, however, nor can we identify the comely lass on (and near) the motorcycle. [We do remain hopeful that Shayla can help us out on the Message Board, but it was seven years ago which we’ve come to understand means a WAY LONG time in the past. Shayla may not remember either.] We definitely recognize Brittney Skye in the baseball cap, although we have no idea if the “Von Dutch” embroidery has any significance. [Most of us felt that anything sounding like “Von Dutch” really had no business being associated with pink satin, but the dissenters to that opinion in the office claimed the rest of us were being sexist. … Just so you know, if a woman has just accused you of being a sexist, asking her if she’s on her period will not brighten her mood significantly. Some people don’t know what’s funny.]

shayla  imageFinally, after having returned from Michael Ninn’s BBQ on July 4th, we found ourselves in possession of the very first Soloerotica movie he ever released for his [then] new company, Ninn Worx. As it turns out Shayla and Jenna Haze had worked for Michael in one of the earliest movies in the FEM line for the company, and Mr. Ninn decided to put the solo from that shoot into this show. We thought we’d go out on a limb here and post that solo scene too, even though that show came out in December of 2002, this being (Dear God!) almost NINE YEARS AGO. [Yeah, how do we live with ourselves?] As we mentioned in the introduction to this entry, however, you do not need to feel obligated to watch the Jenna Haze supplement, but we are certain Shayla won’t mind if you do. [And if you don’t want to see Jenna play with herself, you probably need a doctor. Go make an appointment soon.]

Shayla FriendsShayla FriendsShayla FriendsShayla FriendsShayla Friends

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