A Note from Shayla

Currently Shayla.com includes FULL Memberships to risque.com, DeesClub, KristalSummers, KylieIreland, 247AdultStars, CythereasWetWorld, and ReelRisque. It’s good to have friends.

Hmmmmm! Where to begin??? For starters Welcome to my official site!!!!

Finally, all the spinning, moving, and forever evolving parts of my world have allowed me to get Shayla.com up and running. My dedicated fans know this has been a 10 year task that at times has left me feeling a bit discouraged and frustrated. For the first time I feel that my site will reflect the “True Me” My web designer and support staff have helped me put all the bells and whistles together, so I can give you, my fans, a truly intimate look into my world.

We wanted to keep Shayla.com fun and easy to use! Isn’t that how our sex life is supposed to be?

You are going to see all of my layers, as I am going to peel each back so you can get to know the real me. You are going to find that I am some times funny, some times quirky and I can be a bit shy. … After all I am that kind of girl! Then you will find my other layers, that make me the woman I am. You will (hopefully) find me sensual, seductive and warm, a pure but often sexual creature. I love to explore new things and new people.

This site is dedicated to my fans, those who fell in love with all that I am. The girl of fantasies, the woman of dreams and the vixen of all your desires. I have saved everything from my career and there was always a camera around documenting me on this journey. So join me as I reflect on my past – enjoy the present and look toward the future. Now as you look around. … Please take your time and truly take it all in. Open your mind and allow all that is visual to pull you Deep Inside of Shayla LaVeaux.

We have decided to put a lot of content on the tour/free side of the site, so we can get to know each other a little better… Kinda like a great exotic dancer, enticing you into the back room where the real fun begins! If I do my job right, Purrrrrrrr in your ear, run my hand down your chest and ask you to follow me home. … Will you? Come play with me, let’s get to know each other ,and I promise you will love being a member of my site!

“You get my life. I can promise you that.”

Can't Promise it will All be Pretty Though